International Student Profile – Example

International Student Profile

Our first student profile example is by Marylynn Gregory, a student from Brazil who is currently studying in Ireland.

Your full name

Marylynn Gregory

A brief bio about yourself – where you grew up, etc…

I am 25 years old, originally from Sao Paulo – Brazil. Studied Advertisement and Public Relations, used to do charity in animal rescue. I love arts and languages, I always wished to study abroad…So, Here I am!

Your home country/ country of citizenship


Country you are currently studying in?


What school/ university are you studying in?

Eurocollege and Dublin Business School

How long have you been abroad?

Three years

What course/degree are you taking?

Started with english course, preparatory for FCE Cambridge, then moved to Travel and Tourism, but I am doing another course as well, Diploma in Internet MkT.

What was it like during the first week you arrive in your host country?

It was kind of exciting and scaring!  I didn’t speak english very well, then I’ve to get used to the weather, because its pretty cold in here, and its raining most of the time.But I can say that it was enjoyable, new things and place to visit, made many friends of diferent nationalities,

Have you encountered any problems while studying abroad?

No, just the fact that you are far away from home and missed my family and friends.

What has been your best moment while studying abroad?

Traveling around… I have got the opportunity to visit more than 20 countries, and I also can say that be living abroad opens your mind, and give you a worth experience, me for example, I learned english PLUS Italian and Spanish just living with people from these nationalities.

What was your biggest obstacle to studying abroad?

I think the biggest obstacle is the money, to effort studies abroad was quite expensive and also you have to be sure what you really you are looking for…time, price and place!

Would you recommend studying abroad and why?

Definitely yes! Rich and Worthing experience, learn a second language,maybe get work experience, make new friends, travel and visit places plus acquire independence as you are living away from home!

Ambitions for the future?

Keep studying!  Will Start my Master in Media & Communication in Europe, then going back home try to work where I can keep speaking English often, that way I won’t loss it.

What advice would you give to fellow international students who are yet to study abroad?

Go for it! Because as soon you have this experience, more chances to be success in a career you choose!