International Students Study in Colorado

If there is one thing the state of Colorado and it’s institutions of higher education understand and appreciate, it’s the value of creating spaces for culturally diverse people to come together, as it breeds creativity, quality interaction, and transformative educational growth opportunities for all involved!

Downtown Denver alone maintains a population of almost 30% ethnic minorities and the state’s demographics include a significant Hispanic influence (largely Mexican in ancestry), as well as a sizeable Asian-American influence (primarily of Mongolian, Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Japanese, and Southeast Asian descent). Additionally, the international student population is proactively sought after by most Colorado college campuses and continues to grow annually. For example, this year alone, international students from 130 different countries around the world came ready to begin studying amidst the beautiful Rocky Mountains at UC Denver!

Study in Colorado

International students studying in Colorado bring a fresh and novel perspective from which they can share their unique experiences and enrich classmates’ learning and growth, a well-known fact that Colorado’s university admissions’ representatives firmly believe in. As Colorado University President Bruce Benson put it, international students studying in Colorado, “enrich campus life and classroom discussions, and enhance the global environment of UC Denver.”

Equipped with this solid foundation in the power of cultural diversity and interconnectedness, university admissions’ representatives in Colorado are proactive in offering a warm welcome and plenty of helpful resources to assist international students with their transition to the American education system. Some of the services available to international students studying in Colorado include (but are not limited to) immigration and cultural adjustment advising, issuance of immigration documents (such as authorizations and certification letters), advocacy for international student issues on campus, educational workshops (on topics ranging from orientation to employment and travel opportunities), sponsorship of international student organizations, and plenty of cultural and social activities to help build strong networks of peer support for international students studying in Colorado from all around the world.