International Students Studying in Texas

International students who want to study in Texas usually exhibit a natural love for adventure, passion for personal growth, and thirst for new experiences! Without a doubt, the state of Texas (which is truly a place with its own cultural identity quite unlike any other) may be the perfect U.S. state for international students to receive an invaluable, first-hand education on the individual experience of adapting to a considerably unique and foreign cultural environment.

International students studying in Texas stand to gain so much from the experience: the diverse Texan culture (including its authentic cowboy culture of rodeos, ranches, boots, hats, camaraderie) and its unique history in relation to the colonization process of America, the southern hospitality and determined spirit of its people, its year-around sunny weather (with plenty of time to explore and experience its beaches, mountains, deserts, and other adventurous terrain whenever you please), its affordable cost-of-living, and its reputable educational institutions.

Studying in TexasHowever, it is also important to be aware of (and prepare for) some of the challenges international students face in studying and living in an entirely new environment. Similar to many of the transitional challenges faced by all students starting their education in a new place far from home (and regardless of whether home is within the country or some location abroad), international students who want to study in Texas should educate themselves on some of the emotional challenges they may face in adapting to a whole new environment with its own unique cultural identity, sets of values, and personality types.

It is especially important to consider some of the most typical challenges faced in those first initial months of your transition to studying in the United States, which include a potential sense of homesickness or isolation from familiarity, roommate conflicts due to personality and value differences, and the potential for social rejection in the beginning stages of your transition due to others’ sense of distrust based on perceived difference. Even though it may seem difficult at first, do not be too discouraged if it takes you some time to make close friends and feel at home yourself in your new environment, as that is a perfectly normal part of the process.

International students studying in Texas should just remember to (1) stay positive and open to new people and experiences without taking any initial rejection personally) because (2) for both yourself (as an international student studying in a foreign land) and the many new people you will have the opportunity to meet and befriend, that initial sense of discomfort and distrust of the unknown can be turned into an exciting adventure and infatuation with learning about and experiencing new peoples, places, and things! That said, international students who want to study in Texas (and or other U.S. States), should prepare themselves (in advance) for some of these initial challenges by educating themselves on what kinds of challenges to expect, as well as what kinds of international student counseling services (if any) are available at their prospective campuses. For example, the University of Texas at Arlington provides a very helpful month-to-month list that highlights some of the most common challenges international students face (different emotional issues and personal concerns) as they adapt to their new academic environment and set out on new social adventures.