International Students Studying in Washington, D.C.


tudents Studying in WashingtonFor those international students interested in studying in the United States and possibly considering Washington, D.C., there are definitely some features of the United State’s national capital that make it especially welcoming to visitors from abroad. First, there are plenty of opportunities for international students studying in Washington, D.C. (over 25 colleges and universities in the area). Also, since financing your adventure abroad is always a concern, another major advantage of studying in D.C. is the high number of internships and scholarship opportunities for international students studying within the D.C. area (there are likewise many opportunities for international students to secure related professional and/or volunteer associations through such opportunities).

Many of the increased opportunities for international students studying in Washington, D.C. are due, in part, to government-funded projects. One such government-funded project that international students studying math, science, technology, and/or physics should turn to for supplementary funding is the NASA National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program. This program gives around $300,000 total to students seeking degrees in these fields in order to academically support and economically strengthen the scientists and engineers of the future. International students attending any number of institutions within the Virginia and Washington, D.C. are eligible to apply.

Another instance of the enhanced opportunities for scholarships, funding, and international study in Washington, D.C. is to be found through organizations like NAFSA: Association of International Educators, which serves as a network through which employers post opportunities for academic jobs or internships. The site can be utilized as needed, or a membership can keep you up to date on any new postings in your area. The organization’s website, and others like it, is easy to use and goes a long way toward successfully navigating the many potential sources of funding for your international studies in D.C.