English Language Institute at Yale University

This summer, Yale University invites you to participate in its annual summer English Language Institute from June 27th until August 5th. The English Language Institute features a 6-week program that will offer intensive English language classes for intermediate and advance English speakers. Additionally, Yale University will also offer professional and graduate programs to students interested in business, law, and professional communication. Attracting students from around the world, these classes are designed to equip students with the necessary tools to succeed in their careers by creating an atmosphere of learning, diversity, and friendship. These classes are designed to improve English speaking abilities by cultivating students’ talents and abilities while giving them a summer experience unlike any other.

This 6-week intensive English language program will concentrate on enhancing language skills. Students will be grouped together by level, approximately 12 students per class. This intimate setting allows teachers to focus on each student’s language development and give students the opportunity to ask any questions they have as they go through the material. Teachers are available to offer guidance and give both attention and feedback to each student while cultivating a learning environment between students and faculty. Core classes will concentrate on language fundamentals including English comprehension, vocabulary expansion, writing, speaking, and listening skills. In the afternoon, students will be able to select an elective class that will meet regularly to introduce students to various topics designed to build on what they have already learned. While the topics change year to year, past topics have included U.S. Poetry and American Films, just to name a few.

Language Institute

In the graduate and professional programs, classes are designed specifically to assist students throughout their higher-level education or in a professional work environment. Students will work together in small groups while working on case analyses, presentations, and oral discussions to explore important topics relevant to their chosen field of study. The program targets writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills to ensure development as a well-rounded English speaker. Students will develop the skills needed to succeed in graduate work, management programs, medical studies, or advanced legal studies.

While each program is intended to be academically challenging, the intensive English program is designed to help students grow outside the classroom as well. Located on the residential grounds of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, students enrolled in the English Language Institute will find themselves among the general student body of both Americans and other international students. This environment gives students the opportunity to explore the campus first-hand as students can peruse Yale’s library (which is the 3rd largest in the U.S.), use the full athletic equipment (including the on-campus gym, recreational centers, etc.), and enjoy American culture through sports and the arts (watch a play, enjoy live music, or stroll through the museums and art galleries). New Haven is also a short train ride from both Boston and New York City.